DPIA Colaert leaf springs and ubolts
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DPIA: Leaf springs, Ubolts, and stabilizer bars

DPIA is a French manufacturer of Leaf springs, Ubolts, and stabilizer bars for heavy trucks, trailers, rail cars, agricultural machines, and any other special applications.

With a large inventory, DPIA can deliver a very wide range of traditional leaf springs, parabolic leaf springs, suspension arms (lenker), and associated Ubolts, as well as all parts that connect to springs and suspensions, such as spring bolts, center bolts, buffers, bronze bushes, silentblocks, bolts, shackles, brackets, main bearings, and even stabilizer bars.

Additionally, DPIA has a complete range of kingpin kits for European heavy truck brands: Renault Trucks, Volvo, Daimler Mercedes Benz, MAN, Iveco, Scania, etc.