A team of experts to meet your needs

We support you by being exactly where the others aren’t…


We keep your operations up and running.

DPIA-Colaert’s DNA: our responsiveness, our speed, our availability, and our technical support team’s efficiency, which are all acknowledged by our clients.


We design, approve, certify and produce special solutions that meet our clients’ very specific needs. We support them whenever their very particular operating conditions are not provided for by the original manufacturer.


The quality and reliability are essential to support an original manufacturer.  We develop, approve and produce solutions that allow manufacturers to enhance the design, the manufacturing and the use value of their vehicles. DPIA-Colaert helps its clients stand out on the market.

DPIA-Colaert is more than a simple spring and spare parts manufacturer. It offers you complete suspension and road handling systems with the best service you can find on the market. DPIA-Colaert brings a visible value to your business.