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Our experts engineer manufacturing processes.
We make our products with the best European steels.

Here are the different shades we use:

  • 50CV4
  • 51CrV4
  • 56SC7
  • 55Cr3
  • 41Cr4
  • 42CD4

With its 60 years’ worth of experience, DPIA has continuously modernized its production means and improved its manufacturing processes : leaf springs, coil springs, shock absorbers, reinforcement kits, U-bolts, stabilizer bars, torsion bars and steering rods, ball joints, wheel king pins, landing gear as well as other suspension and chassis components for heavy duty trucks, trailers, commercial vehicles, pick-ups, 4x4’s, buses, railway and agriculture vehicles, as well as handling machines and other industries.

Our production is one of the strongest links of the DPIA-Colaert’s process: design – validation – homologation – manufacturing – delivery logistics – customer satisfaction measurement.

Our production is as strong as your quality standards and requirements.

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